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Movement Fund is nothing without the individuals who bring consistent and dependable support every single month. These funds help us fund the work that otherwise goes unnoticed. Because of your support, community-changing efforts that too often are neglected by traditional funding sources get the resources they need to achieve impacts where they count.
We wanted to make the perks of joining accessible to everyone. So, whether you’re sharing or donating, you can Join The Movement.

– Qualify for funding

– Rewards for sharing

– Build consistent movement support

– Raise awareness

– Get recognized

Join the movement

Raise Funds

If you are interested in getting involved in affiliate programs, the first thing you have to do is decide whether you want to become a partner, want to acquire partners or both. If you run a website and would like to get the word out that way, that would be great. If you run a small content site as a hobby and would simply like to bring in a little money to cover production costs, joining as a partner with us is a good option. We offer a way to give back and benefit in turn. So fill out the application and get started making a difference.

Apply For Funding

Movement Fund is focused on supporting organizations and individuals that tend to fall outside of the normal community funding objectives – the ones whose work too often goes unnoticed and unsupported. Our communities need these change agents to be empowered to make their movements happen.

Types of expenses Movement Funds can cover include but are not limited to:

  • Personnel, Contractor, Staff, Consulting
  • Transportation, Gas, Vehicles and Rentals
  • Food, Meals,
  • Space, Lodging, Housing, Property
  • Bail and Legal Expenses
  • Outreach and Relationship Building
  • Project Supplies and Equipment
  • Training and Development

Requirements to apply for Advocacy and Action funding include:

  • Demonstrated input and leadership from the population served.
  • Priority is given to organizations or projects that are led by diverse groups.
  • All applicants must be active members of the Movement Fund. Financial contributions are NOT required for membership.


One of the only reasons Movement Fund is able to support radical and unconventional social good is that it’s built and sustained for the people, by the people.