Our Vision


Fund The People. Fund The Movement.

Movement Fund supports social good work, with an emphasis on groups and initiatives that are not typically supported but are still all too important to moving our communities forward. Our communities need these change agents to be empowered to make their movements happen.

There is a gap in funding sources that – left unaddressed – supports marginalizing structures and perpetuates the status quo.

Our solution is lowering barriers to unconventional funding to improve access for those who’ve traditionally had none. Movement Fund rewards community partners for building a network of dedicated monthly contributors that help us to operate outside of conventional systems.
We fund the people who help fund the movement.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to become a Movement Fund Partner to help build resources for grants and generate funds for their own needs.

Join the movement

Movement Fund was founded in late 2018 from grassroots people of color led organizations out of Madison WI, including the Young Gifted and Black Coalition, Madison Alliance for Black Economic Empowerment, Council of Communities, Economic Empowerment WI Diversify Forex LLS, and Law Advocacy and Racial Justice.

For the last 5 years, these organizations have been dedicated to community work at the ground level from racial justice training and action, to eviction prevention for Black mothers, to business development and financial fluency for people of color.

Today, Movement Fund serves as a resource generator for our partners, and makes grants to support Meeting Needs, Building Awareness, Advocacy and Action.