Movement Fund is nothing without the individuals who bring consistent and dependable support every single month. These funds help us fund the work that otherwise goes unnoticed. Because of your support, community changing efforts that too often are neglected by traditional funding sources get the resources they need to achieve impacts where they count.

We wanted to make the perks of joining accessible to everyone. So, whether you’re sharing or donating, you can Join The Movement.


– Qualify for funding

– Rewards for sharing

– Build consistent movement support

– Raise awareness

– Get recognized



Social good work depends on volunteers, and that’s great; but what if that selfless work could create an income for the people dedicating their energy to movement work?


The Movement Fund supports the people, and that includes those who help build the fund. To do that, we rely on the voice of the people to spread the word about opportunities to donate or apply for grants.

We don’t just ask for volunteer support. Partners have the option to receive rewards by sharing Movement Fund opportunities through their social media, email and contact lists.

As a Movement Fund Partner, we’re able to offer you rewards for donations that come from your shareable links, including a small percentage of revenue sharing; and through our strategic collaboration with Opportunity Inc., we’re able to track these referrals through 10 tiers of connections. That means that Partners can get credit when friends of friends of friends of friends and so on through 10 levels connect donors to Movement Fund.

– Qualify for funding

– Earn a small percentage of funds that come from your sharing

– Join for free without making a monthly donation

The Numbers Add Up

Movement Fund Partners earn 18% of the donations that come from their unique referral link. When others decide to support the Movement with a monthly donation, the referring partner receives a percentage of each donation. The Movement Fund Partner referral link can also be used to register new Movement Fund Partners – earning up to 2% of the contributions that come through those referred partner links. Movement Fund invites individuals, businesses, groups and organizations to Join, Share, and Earn to help build Movement funding and increase their own revenues as well. Each month, Movement Fund Partners are compensated based on the revenues generated in the previous month. Compensation is optional.