Fund The Movement.

Movement Fund is focused on supporting organizations and individuals that tend to fall outside of the normal funding objectives - the ones whose work too often goes unnoticed and unsupported. Our communities need these change agents to be empowered to make their movements happen.

All organizations and individuals are encouraged to apply for funds. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

Movement Fund uses a unique crowdfunding strategy to build recurring and dependable funding from monthly donations that can be counted consistently.

Whether you’re applying for funds or spreading the word, please consider Joining the Movement today with a monthly donation. Donate here.

Fund the People.

Movement Fund’s crowdfunding strategy rewards allies for sharing the fund with potential supporters. We believe in Funding the People that help make the work possible. When you, someone you know, or an organization that you connect us to decides to Join The Movement to help build funds to make grants, you can earn big.

This is our way of supporting those who support others. We’re not only making grants. We’re funding the people who help fund the movement . More information →

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Advocacy & Action

Taking action is one of the most direct and important ways to bring change. Whether is’t helping a family, stopping an injustice, or inspiring movement. Build public support for a cause or policy that creates impactful change for our community. Take a stand or provide a service. Make the Movement happen. 

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Building Awareness

Bringing change means bringing awareness through trainings, campaigns, gatherings, discussions and other avenues that inform the people of the challenges, solutions and get them involved. Build Community when you Build Awareness and empower The Movement. 

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Meeting Needs

On the journey to change, it’s important that we are able to investigate, communicate and address the needs of our communities. This way, solutions can have deep and long lasting impacts. Whether it's supporting a family, or being there for just one person, Movement Fund makes grants to meet a wide range of community needs.

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Some requests may fall outside of our general focus areas; but that doesn’t mean they can’t be considered. If you don’t find a match for your project or initiative, but you still want to be considered for funding, you may use this link to apply for funs below. Your application will be reviewed and considered by our team.