WATCH This Year’s Money Smart Week Presentations Online For FREE!

This April, our partner, Opportunity Inc., hosted Money Smart Week 2019, a powerful series of presentations sharing ESSENTIAL insights in personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship skills. Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Sponsored in part by the Movement Fund, this year’s Money Smart Week is hosted by Opportunity Inc. in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and Park Bank with four dedicated area experts sharing their knowledge and experience in the financial sector.

If you’re looking to improve your business skills, gain critical training in personal finance, or learn more about entrepreneurship, these Money Smart Week 2019 presentations are the PERFECT opportunity for you! And you can watch them NOW online!

Don’t wait. Access your free training using the links below:

Martinez White is a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual and formerly a financial specialist at UW Credit Union. White’s presentation – “Financial Planning 101” – focused on important skills and insights in the world of budgeting & insurance.

To watch this presentation, CLICK HERE.

Gregory Webb is the Managing Director at Quantitative Business Solutions with a long track record of effective business management. Webb’s presentation focused on financial literacy, the basics of knowing what’s in your 401k or IRA, and how to be a proactive investor.

To watch this presentation, CLICK HERE.

Cliff Robb is an Associate Professor of Consumer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Affairs. Robb’s presentation focused on making good personal finance choices and included a structured discussion of establishing credit.

To watch this presentation, CLICK HERE.

Robert Wynn is the founder and owner of two small businesses – Akamai LLC, a community education and business development consulting firm, and ProSquared LLC, which provides professional and career development services for athletes. He formerly served as the Financial Education Officer at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. Wynn’s presentation focused on how to get started with investing in stocks and preparing your children to be successful investors.

To watch this presentation, CLICK HERE.

We hope you find these videos beneficial. Again, thank you to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and Park Bank for making this possible.