The movement fund uses referral marketing to build a fund that supports needs, builds awareness, and drives advocacy and action by funding communities and giving back to influencers.

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Funding Areas

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Meeting NEEDS

On the journey to change, it’s important that we are able to investigate, communicate and address the needs of our communities. This way, solutions can have deep and long lasting impacts. Whether it's supporting a community, or being there for just one person, the Movement Fund makes grants for needs.

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Bringing change means bringing awareness through training sessions, campaigns, gatherings, discussions and other avenues that inform the people of the challenges, solutions and get them involved. Build Community when you Build Awareness and empower The Movement.

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Taking action is one of the most direct and important ways to bring change - whether is’t helping a family, stopping an injustice, or inspiring movement. Build public support for a cause or policy that creates impactful change for our community. Take a stand or provide a service. Make the Movement happen


Earn When You Share

What if supporting the movement supported you too? When you Join The Movement, you’re qualified to earn every time we get a donation from your referral.